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Joint Meeting between DCMP-AAPPS and CMD-EPS (2-6 September 2024, Portugal)

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The DCMP-AAPPS and the Condensed Matter Division of the European Physical Society will host a mini-colloquium titled "Europe-Asia Pacific collaboration on Condensed Matter Physics in Quantum Beam Facilities" at the CMD-EPS meeting This event aims to share insights on quantum beam facilities and their applications in condensed matter physics across Europe and Asia Pacific. There are openings for 2 invited and several contributed talks by the DCMP.

Date and Venue: Sep 2-6, 2024, in Braga, Portugal.

Abstract submission: April 15, 2024 via https://cmd31.sci-meet.net/mini-colloquia


AAPPS and European Physical Society (EPS) had organized joint meetings in a few years interval. During the COVID time, the activity had been suspended. This year, the DCMP-AAPPS and the Condensed Matter Division(CMD) of EPS has agreed to resume a joint meeting.

The CMD-EPS is going to organize the 31st CMD conference at the Altice Forum in Braga, Portugal, from September 2nd through September 6th, 2024.The DCMP and the CMD will organize a joint-mini-colloquium entitled “Europe-Asia Pacific collaboration on Condensed Matter Physics in Quantum Beam Facilities” with the following agenda.

The quantum beam facilities such as synchrotron, neutron, XFEL, muon, electrons are widely used in condensed matter physics. The new facilities, new techniques and new applications are contributing for the rapid developing of the condensed matter physics. The international collaboration is the key for such development. This mini-colloquium is aiming at the sharing of the current landscape of the quantum beam facilities and the applications for condensed matter physics in Europe-Asia Pacific regions. It also picks up the existing international collaboration and stimulates the future collaborations.

 The mini-colloquium consists of two sessions of 2.5 hours each. There will be 4 invited talks and 12 contributed talks in total and the DCMP is going to nominate two invited speakers and a few contributed presentations from the DCMP. The Abstract submission will open on 11th March and the deadline is 5th April 2024. We appreciate your participation to this event.
 The list of mini-colloquium can be found at the conference web site, https://cmd31.sci-meet.net/mini-colloquia. Our mini-colloquium is MC10 - Europe-Asia pacific collaboration on condensed matter physics in quantum beam facilities. There are 41 such mini-colloquiums are planned and the conference would be very useful to see the recent status of condensed matter physics in Europe and to meet old and new friends working in condensed matter physics. Moreover, Braga, Portugal is very nice place to visit.

 If you are interested in to participate this event, please submit your abstract and contact us about your willingness to participate this conference. We will consider such appeal in the process of the speaker selection.

The main target of speakers are researchers using quantum beam for condensed matter physics and thus we also encourage the researchers who is not the member of the quantum beam facilities to participate. We also encourage the scientist of such facilities to deliver the most recent status and activity of quantum beam related research in your facility in a way to include the information of other facilities in Asia-Pacific area. This mini-colloquium is different from other meeting on specific quantum beam application and so the presentation on the facility performance only should be avoided.

 We are looking forward to seeing you in Portugal in September.

In 2025, we are going to organize a DCMP-AAPPS and CMD-EPS joint meeting at APPC16 in Hainan island.

Hiroyuki Nojiri, the chair of DCMP